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Based on the principle of “Pin To Plane” SakshiHritika Marine Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2010, Mumbai, in order to cater the growing demands of Marine Industries. We are basically engaged in Ship Crew Management, Training of Seafarers, Ship building, Ship Repair, Offshore fabrications, and material supply.

We have started our Company with the name Sakshi Marine Services in the year 2009. Which is now an associate company of SakshiHritika Marine Pvt. Ltd. We are Certified by DG Shipping –Mumbai, having our Recruitment & Placement License NO:MUM- 221. We are also ISO 9001:2008 and MLC :2006 certified Company. The core capabilities of our company includes the multi – dimensions technical capabilities, organized project management skills. Company Background SHMPL Marine started as a commercial and general ship-management organization during the late Millennium year.

Our Group of Companies are:
  • SakshiHritika Marine Pvt Ltd
  • Sakshi Shipping Services
  • Sakshi Marine Services

Our Services

Ship Crew Management

Seafarers Training

Ship Building

Material Supply

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