Based on the principle of “Pin To Plane” SakshiHritika Marine Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2010, Mumbai, in order to cater the growing demands of marine industries. We are basically engaged in Ship Crew Management, Training of Seafarers, Rig Crew Management, Ship building, Offshore fabrication Buying & Selling of Ships,Ship charterer & Material supply.

We have achieved Innovative techniques and total quality assurance in the forefront in today’s competitive world. We are the fastest growing marine company, which is well managed by group of expert Engineers, Professionals to give our ultimate excellence in order to provide topmost customer satisfaction. Our mission is – Continuous improvement in our performance by establishing objectives & monitoring the accomplishment of our results by customer satisfaction.

With our greatest zeal for success along with customer satisfaction, we have order from major parts of the world & With this zeal we hope we would cover the major portion of the globe in few forthcoming years.
We have years of expertise and a highly component technical manpower that serves our company and clients with dedication and are continuously engaged to give reliable and prompt service.

We have a consistent good record of Completing our commitments within stipulated time frame set by our customers. This is the result of well-coordinated effort in every front.

Along with customer satisfaction as well as good commitments we give a lot of priorities to our co- staffs. We provide them good & healthy working environment for maximum utilizing of their efforts keeping safety at the top priority. We give the all most all basic facilities to our employees.

Our services & core capabilities are extremely backed up by well equipped Seafarer Training & Placement facilities, workshop facilities including HULL fabrication, overhaul of mechanical machineries etc. The company’s strength lays in well experienced Seafarers , Technicians and workforce with in-depth knowledge of Ship Maneuverings, Fabrications and Engineering Equipment repairs.