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The company behind the innovative Volabo electric motor has announced that they have now put the motor into series production with the first units being available at the end of the year writes Dag Pike.

Developed and tested for both marine and automotive use, the Volabo electric motor uses a unique form of stator windings that allow much better torque and a more compact design. In marine form it will produce 80kW of peak power and a nominal power of 50kW and it is expected to match the Recreational Craft Directive requirements.

A unique feature of the Volabo motor is that it operates at 48 volts DC which the company claims is a ‘safe to touch’ voltage. This means that the wiring and clamping technology is much simpler and the technicians do not require extensive training and certification. Another advantage of the motor is its reduced weight which is set at 45kg, a weight that includes the integrated controller unit. Due to the low induced voltage, low voltage semi-conductors can be used in the ISCAD V50 and these are particularly efficient the company claims.

The motor can be mounted either vertically or horizontally due to a reinforced end shield and this makes the motor suitable for connection to saildrives, outboard motors, shaft drives and z-drives. The 50kW power output has been selected to meet the propulsion requirements of a wide variety of craft including RIBs and smaller workboats where electric propulsion is in demand. The overall length is 265.5mm and the diameter is 254mm. With its variable torque output the motor is particularly suitable for planing boats.

The start of series production is seen as a major milestone in the development after 6 years and four motor generations. “We are pleased to launch our first certified product”, said managing director Adrian Patzak. “ISCAD V50 is the World’s first series produced electric drive that can operate at a continuous output of 50kW at safe to touch voltages of 48 volts.”

The first units off the production line will be available in December of this year and the drives can be ordered now with prices on application.